Saturday, December 29, 2007


Don't miss this last Sangam program for 2007. As promised there will be some desi rap and a track from the Pakistani film "Khuda ke Liye". I'll play the title track which has considerable relevance to the current politically disturbed situation in Pakistan following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. I have also put together some other politically relevant songs and dedicate that set to the abstraction that is Pakistan and to those of its people who suffer from the self-centered and self-destructive behavior of some of their countrymen.

Of course, there will also be some Asian Underground stuff.

Note, Sangam has moved to Saturday from 5:00-7:00 pm US Central Time (22:00-24:00 UTC).

You can listen to the live audiostream here:

The archived audiostream will be available for two weeks after 7:00 pm US Central Time (24:00 UTC), 29 December, 2007, at this link:

Call me during the show on the studio line at 612-341-0980. My next program will be on 12 January, 2008.


Track TitleArtistAlbum
Nisar mein teri galiyoun peMuneer HusainFaiz Ahmed Faiz, volume 4
Des ki khushbooAbbas Ali KhanSun Re
Tauba haiFaakhirMantra
Aaja sohniyaShazia ManzoorChan Makhna
Jatt Abrarul Haq20071228 Compilation
Sun tun SohniyeFaakhirMantra
Jogia20071228 Compilation
Sanvaria (Club Mix)Abbas Ali KhanSun Re
Mehndi ki raatJunaid JamshedThe Best of Junaid Jamshed
BlakstoneBlakstone20071019 Compilation
Evury dayBohemiaCompilation
Camel ClutchJihad featuring Chop BlackCompilation
The "Trouble in Pakistan" Set
Khuda kay liyeKhuda Kay Liye
ZameenOD220071228 Compilation
Yeh hum naheenVarious artists20071228 Compilation
Pakistani National Anthem20071019 Compilation
AnthemDNA20071228 Compilation
Dil dil PakistanJunaid JamshedThe Best of Junaid Jamshed
Lab pe aati hai duaShaykh Abaadi20071019 Compilation
Bazeecha-e-atfalJagjit SinghKalam: Mirza Ghalib
Peera hoKhalid AnamSupreme Ishq

End Set

2GenUziUzi20071228 Compilation
DebrisAsian Dub FoundationRough Guide to the Asian Underground
Meher Ali (Bollywood Burning Mix)Ustad Sultan KhanRare Elements
Garden of perfumeTemple of Sound & Rizwan Muazzam QawwalPeople's Colony No. 1
Lament remixEarthtribeStar Rise

Friday, November 9, 2007

Munni Begum Profile

Listen to Todd Melby's profile of Munni Begum, here:

Monday, October 22, 2007

Musicians not Governments to the Aid

While the response of Muslims countries to the miserable situation in Darfur has been lukewarm or non-existent (a situation that has elicited criticism from both non-Muslims and Muslims) at least some in the Muslim community are taking publicly visible measure to raise awareness and aid for the region.

A charity concert to benefit Darfur, categorized as the Muslim Live8, was organized at the Wembley Arena in the UK and drew about 10,000 Muslims. A good time appears to have been had by all and at least $60,000 were raised in five minutes according to a report by Riazat Butt of Islamophonic fame. Riazat also provides brief notes about some of the musicians. I have sampled the music of three of the five she mentions. Of these three, I incline towards the music of Outlandish which has a little edge to to it.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sangam playlist for 20 October, 2007,

Sangam: Music from South Asia and the South Asian Diaspora


Here is the draft playlist for the 20 October, 2007, Sangam program. There may be some minor changes during broadcast ude to the presence of a guest.

Note the tracks Biotech and Tree of Rhythm which feature Zakir Husain.

Also a song to celebrate Eid, celebrated last Saturday.

Note: Sangam has moved to Saturday from 5:00-7:00 pm US Central Time (22:00-24:00 UTC).

You can listen to the live audiostream here:

The archived audiostream will be available for two weeks after 7:00 pm US Central Time (24:00 UTC), 22 September, here:

Call me during the show on the studio line at 612-341-0980.

My next program will be on November 17.


Track TitleArtistAlbumTrack No.
Tujh jaisa daghabazRoona LailaBest of Roona Laila8
Dildar meda sohnaNaghmana JaffryGoli Mar De2
Huqa paniAli ZafarHuqa Pani2
Chum chumRahim ShahChanna4
Eid songSami YusufCompilation1
Jhoomo gaoNajma AkhtarPukar3
Botal khuli haiMunni BegumBotal Khuli Hai, Album 21
Yeh hai maikadaMunni BegumAag Lage Maikhane Ko, Album 74
Waiz-e-mohataramMunni BegumBotal Khuli Hai, Album 25
Teri surat nigahon mainMunni BegumEk Baar Muskarado1
Teri surat nigahon mainAziz MianMain Sharabi Sharabi1
Az dair mughan ayamManzoor Niazi QawwalKalam-e-Iqbal5
The huntAzam AliNiyaz4
NainaThe Ali Khan BandTaswir8
BiotechTabla Beat ScienceTala Matrix9
The tree of rhythmZakir Husain, Allahrakha, Taufiq FazalRhydun1
We need your voteJoiWe Are Three9

Monday, October 15, 2007

Karachi Uncovered

Atta Yaqub returns to the old country and finds something quite unexpected.

This is a BBC documentary uploaded to YouTube by someone.

Karachi Uncovered, Part 1

Karachi Uncovered, Part 2

Karachi Uncovered, Part 3

Engineer, Lawyer, and Singer!!

Kareem Salama - Chemical Engineer, Lawyer, and Country & Western singer, Wow!

He has a couple of CDs out. Check out his music here:

Munni Begum Concert, 20 October, 2007, Minneapolis

Jashn-e-Milan featuring Munni Begum
Host: Pakistani Students Association

Time and Place Date: Saturday, October 20, 2007

Time: 7:30pm - 11:00pm

Location: Great Hall (Coffman Memorial Union), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Campus (East Bank)
Street: 300 Washington Avenue SE
City/Town: Minneapolis, MN

Come join us for a night of amazing ghazals performed by the world-renowned Munni Begum!
There will also be student performances, great food, and much more!

Non-Student Adults: $20
Students and Kids under 12: Free!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Second Life meets MySpace

I assume you know what are Second Life, MySpace, and Facebook. Well there is new site that provides social networking in a virtual world environment. It is called Kaneva. Basically, you create a network of friends, as in a social network, and then meet them in a virtual world. Of course you also can make friends directly in the virtual world.

The Kaneva virtual world looks similar to the one in Second Life but I found that it ran a little bit more smoothly on the machine that I am using; though it seemed to take forever to load.

The reason I compared Kaneva to MySpace rather than Facebook is that its social environment seems closer to the one found in MySpace than the one found in Facebook i.e. a little more broadly distributed. Not too long ago I had read a piece about social research that compared the environments of these two sites and suggested that the sites had some partitioning along social and economic class lines. (Sadly, I cannot locate that piece right now). However, why not go and see it for yourself?

In both Second Life and Kaneva conversations can be quite dull and there is little to do till you make some friends. You can watch the videos and listen to the songs posted by other people but you can do that on YouTube and other similar sites too. However doing those things in a virtual world may add a certain pizzaz to it. I do find that the visual element added to conversations by the use of avatars increases the social feel of the interactions.

So visit Kaneva (or Second Life) and look around. If you post your user name here (or send it to me in an email) I'll look you up.


(Also cross-posted to QiyasII)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Broken Saints

Just finished watching a DVD set featuring what is essentially a graphical novel set to music using Flash technology. The story is called Broken Saints and came out several years ago. Initially it was just Internet-based; circa 2002, after it developed a considerable following, it was put on DVD with a voiceover. It won the Audience Award at the 2003 Sundance Online Film Festival.

It's an interesting story with a strongly political and spiritual outlook. It so happens that its developers are Canadian ... Anyway, given what has transpired since the beginning of this century it makes very interesting watching, especially in view of the ethnicity and beliefs of one of the four main protagonists.

The Internet version of Broken Saints is still available. It can also be downloaded to the iPod and the Sony PSP. These versions are free though the developers would probably appreciate a donation. (Donations are what enabled them to pay for the data streams on the website during the early days.) This is quite generous as the story is several hours long. The DVD is available for sale.

You can visit the home of Broken Saints here.

Enjoy the story. It is told at a very stately pace so it is best to watch it when you have time to do so in a relaxed manner. Brook Burgess, the writer and director, says the episodes function almost like meditations.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

BQP Plays Indo/Pak Independence Parades

Brooklyn Qawwali Party is excited to announce that they will be performing on a float (on wheels!) in the:

India Independence Day Parade, New York City:
Sunday, August 19th, 2007
Madison Ave from 41st St to 25th. 1 pm - 2:30 pm

and in the:

Pakistan Independence Day Parade, New York City:
Sunday, August 26th, 2007
Madison Ave from 41st St to 25th. 1 pm - 2:30 pm

If you'd like to enjoy two great parades plus the sounds of BQP in transit... Come on out!


I have been meaning to bring a particular movie to your attention for some time but have been too busy. In the meantime a couple of other interesting movies have also popped up.

Those of you liked "The Namesake" should watch "Second Generation". It is written by Neil Biswas and directed by Jon Sen. The cast includes Parminder Nagra (Bend It Like Beckham, ER) , Om Puri, and Anupam Kher. And, for everyone who swooned over Kal Penn - check out Christopher Simpson. As in the Namesake, the music is by Nitin Sawhney.

Personally, I preferred Second Generation to The Namesake. I thought it was more authentic and more reflective of the types of issues encountered by second generation South Asian immigrants living in the UK (and US).

And now on to a couple of Pakistani productions. I haven't watched these movies yet but they have been getting some press lately.

The serious-minded one is "Khuda kay Liye". Directed by Shoaib Mansoor it deals with the radicalization of young Muslims and the conflict between conservative and liberal interpretations of Islam. The transformation of one of the characters is a tip of the hat to the transformation of Junaid Jamshed, of Vital Signs fame, from a rocker to a religious conservative. You can get more information about the film here:

Then, do you wanna see "the first Muslim zombies"? "A burqa-clad, mace-swinging serial killer" - the Burqa Man?

Watch the Paki horror/slasher film "Zibahkhana". Also know as "Hell's Ground".

"And it seems like everyone wants to see what Muslim zombies look like. "Zibahkhana" has been invited to submit to Sundance, with entry fees waived." Variety

'Nuff said.

Sangam Playlist, Independence Day Edition

Welcome to the Independence Day edition of Sangam.

To commemerate the 60th anniversary of the independence of India and Pakistan (on 15th and 14th August respectively) I play the national anthems of the two countries and a couple of related qaumi naghmas (national songs). Listen and refresh your memories of the subcontinent.

The archived audiostream will be available for two weeks after 7:00 pm US Central Time (24:00 UTC), 18 August, here:

Here is the playlist for Saturday, 18 August, 2007:

Track TitleArtistAlbumTrack No.
DistanceKarsh Kale
(Banco De Gaia Remix)
Asian Travels 21
Saiyan anaadi sayRoona LailaBest of Roona Laila1
Sawan aayeAkhlaq AhmedBest of Akhlaq Ahmed3
Diyar yar geyaAsad Amanat Ali KhanThe Golden Collection7
Fire in my heart (Excerpt)GhazalMoon Rise Over the Silk Road1
DhaaraNaseebo LaiARY OST Hits13
Need koyiNajma AkhtarQareeb1
Neend ati nahinJunoonDoctor Finds Universal Cure3
Hounton mein esi baatNajma AkhtarForbidden Kiss8
Jana Gana ManaIndian National AnthemAnthems Plus Compilation8
Pakistani National AnthemJunoonInquilaab12
Pakistani National AnthemPakistani National AnthemAnthems Plus Compilation4
Vande mataramA.R. RahmanAnthems Plus Compilation9
AzadiJunoonThe Millenium Edition 1990-20001
ZameenOD2Anthems Plus Compilation7
Yeh hum naheemCollectivePak Underground Rock 117
AnthemDNAAnthems Plus Compilation6
Electro-GFun Da MentalAll2
Who runs this placeAsian Dub FoundationTank7
Too Kareemi (Excerpt)Brooklyn Qawwali PartyBQP-FunDaMental Compilation2
Slow DevotionGovindaAsian Travels 23

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sangam Playlist for 28 July, 2007

Sangam: Music from South Asia and the South Asian Diaspora


Sangam has moved to Saturday from 5:00-7:00 pm US Central Time (22:00-24:00 UTC). Here is the playlist for this Saturday (28 July).

You can listen to the live audiostream here:

The archived audiostream will be available for two weeks after 7:00 pm US Central Time (24:00 UTC), 28 July, here:

Call me during the show on the studio line at 612-341-0980.

Note particularly the ear-stretching set beginning with Carl Bley (ok, ok, the piece is South Asia-based) and ending with Overload. This is not your dad's desi music. (-:


My next program will be on August 18 (which is a change from the originally scheduled August 25 date).

Track TitleArtistAlbumTrack No.
Mere dil ki anjumanSaleem RazaBest of Saleeem Raza3
Agar tum piyar se dekhoMalaBest of Mala17
Tere bheegay badan ki khushbooKhalid WaheedTribute to Mehdi Hasan4
Lamha, LamhaTina SaniKoi Baat Karo6
Sharab la, sharab laMunni BegumBest of Munni Begum, vol. 7,
Aag Lage Maikhane Ko
AankhonJunaidPersonal Compilation1
Bin tere kiya hai jeenaJawad AhmadBol Tujhe Kya Chahiyeh11
Diyar yar geyaAsad Amanat Ali KhanThe Golden Collection7
FasleyNadia AliPak Underground Rock 16
Jogan bani main ishq meinNaghmana JaffryGoli Mar De12
Buri baat haiShehzad RoyBuri Baat Hai4
A.I.R. (All India Radio)Carla Bley, Palu HainesPersonal Compilation1
Mojon mayEvolutionShake Your Body5
AagMizraabMaazi, Haal, Mustaqbil7
Hamein aazmaEntity ParadigmIrtiqa2
ZameenOD2Various Artists, 01 March, 200719
SagaUstad Fate Ali KhanFusion Music1
& Jan Garbarek
FreezingNajma AkhtarPersonal Compilation4
ClassicoNajma AkhtarVivid11
Ab ke barasMidival PunditzAsian Massive3
OHM ShantiBill LaswellOHM Shanti6

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sangam Playlist, 25 June, 2007

Here is the playlist for today's (Monday, 25 June, 2007) Sangam program. 19:30-21:30 Central Time (00:30-02:30 UTC, 26 June, 2007).
KFAI - 90.3 FM Minneapolis, 106.7 FM St. Paul

If you would like to call, the studio phone number is 612-341-0980

The live audiostream will be available here:

The archived audiostream will be available at the link below after the broadcast:

From July, Sangam will move to a new day and time: Saturdays, 17:00-19:00 Central Time (22:00-24:00 UTC)


Track TitleArtistAlbumTrack No.MinutesSeconds
Laab pe tera naamAhmed RushdieYaaden11315
Jab piyar kis se hota haiShiraz UppalJhuki Jhuki155
Aah ko chahiyeShakilaShakila Shakila, Ghazal Spell11522
MukhraShehzad RoyRab Janey1340
Milte hi ankheinRabi PirzadaMujhay Ishq Hai7347
Kali aankheinJawad AhmadBol Tujhe Kya Chahiyeh9439
Aankh mein kajal haiNaghmana JaffryGoli Mar De5425
Jee kay dekhaHaroonHaroon Ki Awaz6420
Aisay ho gyeEvolutionShake Your Body7415
Shehnai songSheila ChandraMoonsung325
Diyar yar geyaAsad Amanat Ali KhanThe Golden Collection7614
MiskatonicNajma AkhtarVivid2256
JoyRavi Shankar
John Mclaughlin
Fusion Music61715
Rai's horsemeat dubBlack Star LinerYemen Cutta Collection10259
SutrixTalvin SinghOK3555
Memory warAsian Dub FoundationCommunity Music2335
Temple gatesJames Asher
Kamel Nitrate
Tigers of the Remix2634
The jewelled heartRizwan-Muazzam
Temple of Sound
People's Colony No. 11632

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sangam Playlist for 28 May, 2007

Here is the Sangam playlist for this Memorial weekend show.

From mortal love to divine love, listen to a musical celebration - Supreme Ishq. Also, the Asian Dub Foundation and FunDaMental raise a ruckus.

The archived audiostream for this show will be available here after 21:30 CDT (02:30 UTC on 29 May, 2007):

You can call me during the show at 1-612-341-0980 i.e between 19:30-21:30 CDT (00:30-02:30 UTC).

Track TitleArtistAlbumTrack No.
Yaaro mujhe mualf karoSaleem RazaJaan-E-Baharan18
Jab piyar kis se hota haiRoona LailaBest of Roona Laila12
Ulfat ki nai manzil ko chalaIqbal BanoAn Evening with Iqbal Bano, vol. 13
Ab ke hum bichhreMehdi HasaMehdi Hassan, Album 27
Karoon na yaad magarNajma AkhtarQareeb6
Atish FishanNajma AkhtarAtish1
Chal rein deSajjad AliChal Rein De1
Paniyon meSajjad AliCinderella2
Supreme ishqAnarkali videoVarious Artists, 01 March, 20073
Supreme ishqRiyaz Ali QadriSupreme Ishq1
Yar ko hum ne ja ba ja dekhaAbida ParveenRaqs-e-Bismil1
Peera hoKhalid AnamSupreme Ishq5
Spiritual Master KeyTalvin SinghAnokha10
TalashJust In CaseBest of Indus Music, Laila Majnoo5
Goli mar deNaghmana JaffryGoli Mar De1
Mein RanjhaWaseem NiyazBest of Indus Music, Laila Majnoo7
Bhangra Knight vs HusanHusanAsian Vibes, CD-1, Body4
Change A Gonna ComeAsian Dub FoundationFrontline 1993-19972
GodevilFunDaMentalErotic Terrorism3
AssamJames AsherTigers of the Raj5
One nessFunDaMentalErotic Terrorism11
Total Mins

Monday, April 30, 2007

Sangam Playlist for 30 April, 2007

Here is the playlist for today's (Monday, 30 April, 2007) Sangam program.

Of particular note is a commemoration of Asad Amanat Ali Khan via a set of music; he died of heart failure earlier this month. Also, note the three-piece set centered on percussion; and near the end of the program, FunDaMental with Electro G followed by some electro-qawwali.

The archived audiostream for the program will be available shortly after the program at this link:

Of course, you can also listen live, on the air (90.3 FM Minneapolis, 106.7 FM St. Paul) or via the live audiostream ( from 00:30-02:30 UTC, 01 May, 2007. Call me on the studio line at 612-341-0980 during this time.

(Edited, 01 May, 2007)

Track TitleArtistAlbum
Jaan-e-baharanSaleem RazaJaan-E-Baharan
Mera babu chail chabilaRoona LailaBest of Roona Laila
Tujhe adam nahin miltaAsad Amanat Ali KhanGems of Asad Amanat Ali Khan
Abhi kaliion mein chatakAsad Amanat Ali KhanThe Golden Collection, Asad Amanat Ali Khan
Chhupaye dil meinAsad Amanat Ali KhanGems of Asad Amanat Ali Khan
Doob gai sab yaadenAsad Amanat Ali KhanThe Golden Collection, Asad Amanat Ali Khan
Kabhi hum bhi khoobsooratNayyara NoorBest of Best of Ghazals
*Bad track* DhaaraNaseebo LaiOST Hits
Tere binShehzad RoyBuri Baat Hai
Dil haraFaakhirSub Tun Sohniyeh
Thora thora pyarFariha PervezPassion
Dil ruba hoonNaghmana JaffryPersonal Compilation, 10 October
Dil rubaFaakhirSub Tun Sohniyeh
Jhoom barabar jhoomMunni BegumBest of Best of Ghazals
A quality of sevenZakir HusainMasters of Percussion
One of our dholaks is missingTransglobal UndergroundYes Boss Food Corner
*Not played* ScullyTransglobal UndergroundPsychic Karaoke
Electro GFunDaMental
Sweet Pain RemixJoiStar Rise
BelovedTemple of Sound & Rizwan Muazzam QawwalPeople's Colony No. 1
Mustt musttBrooklyn Qawwali PartyBrooklyn Qawwali Party

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Asad Amanat Ali Passes Away

Asad Amanat Ali died of heart failure in London earlier this week; he was 55 years old. He had gone to London for treatment of his heart condition after suffering a heart attack two weeks earlier in Lahore. His body was flown to Lahore where the namaz-e-janazaa was held at his home in Karim Park on Ravi Road The burial took place in the Mominpura graveyard.

Asad Amanat Ali, a classical musician of the Patiala gharana, was the son of the late Ustad Amanat Ali Khan and the elder brother of Shafqat Amanat Ali – lead singer for the band Fuzon.
Asad Amanat Ali belonged to a family of several generations of musicians. His great-grandfather Ali Bux Khan started the Patiala gharana and his grandfather Akhtar Hussain was also a prominent musician. His father and uncle, Amanat Ali Khan and Fateh Ali Khan were renowned musicians and used to perform together. The duo performances were sadly ended by Amanat Ali’s demise in 1974. Asad Amanat Ali himself also performed in partnership with his other uncle Hamid Ali Khan.

Asad Amanat Ali had received the President’s award for Pride for Performance just a couple of weeks before his death.

I have played pieces by Asad Amanat Ali on my Sangam programs and will do so again on my next show on April 30th. One of his songs “Diyar-e-yaar gaya” which I played on the show last year has deep emotional significance for me. I find it heartbreaking to listen to that piece and don’t feel that I could play it again any time soon but I’ll play some of Asad Amanat Ali’s other music. May he rest in peace.

Listen to Asad Amanat Ali perform a classical music piece, taan and tarana in malkauns, here.

And a recording from his younger days, a ghazal: “Kal chaudhveen ki raat thi”.

Here Asad talks a little bit about his musical heritage before performing “Piyaar nahin hey sur sey jis ko”.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

The real, not-quite Namesake

Why do we seem to be stuck on The Namesake? This must end. :-P

However, it seems like some elements of the novel may have a loose autobiographical connection. The Gogol/Nikhil character is similar to someone that Lahiri knew in real life. I will let you read ennis' post (complete with picture!) about this at Sepia Mutiny. I gotta move on.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Music in The Namesake

I had mentioned in an earlier post and on my Sangam program that Nitin Sawhney composed the music for "The Namesake". Well, I went to the theatre this evening and saw that movie. I must say that the music did not live up to my expectations.

It was all right but not as good as I was expecting from Sawhney. In part, my disappointment is a consequence of his recycling of existing pieces. I recognized three previously published tracks, one of which is not even his own! That piece is Flight IC 408 by the State of Bengal. The two other pieces are Sawhney compositions. One is, I think, Falling and I can't place the name of the other one (I'd have to listen to the soundtrack again) but I have definitely heard both pieces before. I wouldn't be surprised if the song by the boatman in the scene about scattering ashes in the Ganges is an earlier composition too - it sounded a bit like a segment from The Immigrant but I could be wrong.

Oh, well. The man does produce terrific music, don't know if the film had a limited budget which precluded original composition.

Sangam playlist and audio file for the 02 April, 2007 program

Here is the playlist for the 02 April, 2007, Sangam program.

And, hurrah! Audio archives are back at KFAI. So you can listen to the archived audio file (Real media) for this program right here (till 16 April, 2007).

Get your heart pumping with the dance section and analyze artistic interpretation by listening to two versions each of "Yaar di Gharoli" and "Bulla Ki Jana".

The latter pair occasioned quite some discussion in the blogistan comparing the merits of Junoon and Rabbi Shergill in their renditions. Junoon actually have at least two slightly differing versions of that piece (Bulleya) ; I am not sure which version was being discussed by the critics. I prefer their somewhat slower-paced version and that is the one I played; personally I think they did a good job.

Enjoy the show!

By the way, I played an Abrar track and Sabizak has a post on Abrar's music and latest album that you may find worthwhile to read.

Track TitleArtistAlbumTrack No.
Kya hua dil pe sitamZubaida KhanumBest of Zubaida Khanum1
Is des main phir na aaoon gaMasood RanaMer Dil Ki Hai Awaz
Best of the Best of Masood Rana
Tujhe apne dil se mainAhmed RushdiYaaden3
Aksar shab-e-tanhai mainReshmanThe Legend Reshman13
Meri daastaan-e-hasratUstad Amanat AliWhispering Memories
Ustad Amanat Ali Khan
Jaane kis tarhaNajman AkhtarQareeb2
Dil us sanam koFariha PervaizUmrao Jan Ada5
Dum PidaJoshilaBombay Bhangra Club15
Chak de phatteyKailash KherUK Bhangra, Volume #71
KuriyanAbrar-ul HaqMain Gaddi Aap Chalawan Ga4
NachnaRabi PirzadaMujhay Ishq Hai3
Maula (Bhangra-Hydrate
Vocal Mix)
Ustand Sultan Khan
Ralphi Rosario
Rare Elements6
Mahi Yaar di ghadoliAbida ParveenMahi Yaar Di Ghadoli Bhardi1
GharoliAarohPersonal Compilation1
Bulla ki janaRabbi ShergillBulla Ki Jana1
Bulleya JunoonParvaaz10
Let the music playShamurShamur1
Evury dayBohemiaPersonal Compilation2
RaptureNadia AliPersonal Compilation7
The riverNitin SawhneyHuman1
Janay aurStrebenPersonal Compilation11
Shake ur bodyEvolutionShake Your Body1

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Speaking of The Namesake

Must read by Anna at Sepia Mutiny.

Saga of the Giants

Watch this video.

Then go read Elatia Harris' post (long) at 3quarksdaily.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tee-M on CityFM89

I had posted a list of desi radiostations a few days ago and also mentioned some days prior to that that Tee-M had left for a tour of Pakistan. Well, as it so happens he will be interviewed on one of the stations that I had listed - CityFM89. Read about it in the note from Tee-M below.


Ladies & Gentlemen...

I'm in the swing of things in Karachi now. "YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOUR" of Pakistan has started and here's what's happening: LIVE ON CITYFM89's "Breakfast Show" with Sohail Hashmi, Tuesday March 27th '07, 8:20 am Pakistan time, 8:20pm (on Monday, March 26) L.A. (Pacific Time). Rest of the world, please figure out your local time.The show goes all over Pakistan on the radio dial but in the rest of the world u can log onto We'll be playing tracks from EARTHIOTIC... andI'll be taking my guitar for some live acoustic songs. We'll also debut the Aao Aao Aao dance remix by GeoffTyson...The call-in # (in Pakistan) at FM89 is 111-089-089, the lines will be open, so let's chitter, chatter and request in your favorite song from EARTHIOTIC...

As a lot of you in Pakistan know that after 3 yearsand over 800 episodes of the Breakfast Show on CityFM89 Sohail Hashmi will be leaving the station at the end of this month. My sincere thanks to him for his appreciation and support of TEE-M music ever since I was on his show for the first time back in Jan of '06. I had a great time with Sohail and Wes Malik then and hope to rock n roll with him come Tuesday Mar 27th, so everybody please log and tune in!

TEE-M BEST MALE ARTIST: Yes! ROCKWIRED out of Los Angeles has nominatedTEE-M in the "Best Male Artist" category. Please let them know how much u agree with their thinking and cast your vote and feelings at:

Cherrios for now...TEE-M (Tariq)

Watch Aao Aao Aao video on YouTube: A and O level students in Lahore are putting it on their phones and iPods. I say rock n roll Lahore...


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nitin Sawhney

Nitin Sawhney’s talent is amazing. He combines jazz, Indian music, electronica, and other genres to produce musical pieces that are delightful and stimulating to listen to. Sawhney was born and raised in the UK. He learned classical (Western) piano, classical and flamenco guitar, and also sitar and tabla. However his interests range much more widely. In addition to musicians he has collaborated with filmmakers, choreographers, and visual artists. You can listen to his music if you go to see The Namesake based on the novel by Jhumpa Lahiri and directed by Mira Nair.

The Guardian published a column about Sawhney last year which you can read here. Listen to a portion of the score he did for the movie Prapancha Pash and to a brief interview with him.

I’ll play something by Nitin Sawhney on my next Sangam program on April 2nd. Be sure to join me.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Desi Radiostations on the 'Net

I have been looking for desi music on the ‘Net and found some radio streams. They are listed below. These are commercial stations so you will hear advertisements as well – sorry!

Hardly any of these stations offer audio archives so you are limited to the live audiostream. Sunrise Radio AM does offer an archive with a week’s span.

So don’t forget to listen to Sangam and other fine programs on KFAI ( – commercial free and with audio archives (2-week span) categorized by program. The archives will be available again beginning in April.

Different stations use different players. You have to have one of the following (freely downloaded) players: WinAmp, Real Player, or Windows Media Player. WinAmp will generally play most stations but don’t be surprised if you end up needing all three.

Mast FM103

Offers four channels:

FM100 Pakistan

Offers three channels:


Out of Karachi; plays quite a lot of English/Western music.

Radioactive 96 FM

This is also out of Karachi and may play mostly Western music. I haven’t listened to it enough to figure out the station’s format.

BBC Asian Network (UK)

Radio TeenTaal (Paris)

Sunrise Radio AM (UK)

Sunrise Radio FM (UK)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

JoSH in concert in Minneapolis, Saturday, March 31

You may have heard the song "Aaye mauasma rangeele, suhane" by JoSH on my last Sangam program (originally from the movie 'Saat Lakh' and sung by Zubaid Khanum many, many years ago). Well, JoSH is going to be performing in the Twin Cities on Saturday, March 31, on the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus. The concert is part of the Pakistani Students Association's annual function. Those of you living in or visiting the Twin Cities, do come to the concert for a good time and some desi food. Thanks.


Pakistani Student Association will be hosting its annual show/concert on March 31st (Saturday), 2007, in the Great Hall of the Coffman Memorial Union on the Minneapolis campus (East Bank) of the University of Minnesota.

Event Time: 7:30pm to 10:30pm, (Saturday, March 31)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This Year PSA Night will be Featuring International Mega-Hit JoSH, winner of "Best New Talent" at MTV's "IMMIES"

visit them at

Also featuring Live Dhol performance, student performances and much much more

TICKETS: V.I.P - $45; General - $20; Students with student ID - $10
Tickets are available at South Asian Food, Patel Groceries (on Central Avenue, Minneapolis)

For more info:

Shahzad Ali at - alix0108 [at]
Mohammad Ali - alixx103 [at]

Nadia Ali - Sensational

Entrancing! I came across Nadia Ali’s singing recently and was delighted. She writes her own songs and sings beautifully. Her voice has a slight throatiness which is a pleasure to listen to and her modulation is expressive.

Nadia Ali was born in Libya to Pakistani parents and grew up in Queens, NY. She sings mostly in English but also in Urdu (with clear diction and without a Western accent). Listen to her interview (about 9 minutes long) conducted by Imran Siddiqui for the Voice of America. Towards the end of the interview segment (approximately 2 minutes before the end) Nadia makes some interesting remarks about her identity as a Pakistani woman getting into the Western music scene.

On my last Sangam program I had intended to play her song ‘Rapture’ but miscued the CD and played ‘Fasley’ instead, which is also a beautiful song. So listen for ‘Rapture’ next time (on April 02); it is a big hit. Nadia recorded this song with the band ‘Iio’ (the name derived from Sony’s Vaio computer which she used for writing). Now she is working on developing herself as a solo artist. Best wishes, Nadia!

Here is Nadia Ali performing ‘Who is Watching’. Enjoy.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Sangam Playlist for Monday, 05 March, 2007

Hey folks,

Here is the playlist for today's (Monday, 05 March, 2007) Sangam show. I'll be debuting Tee-M's dance remix of Aao, Aao, Aao and also playing his tribute to James Brown. Additionally there are pieces by several new bands and singers, and desi rap!!

Because KFAI's audio archiving won't be available until the beginning of April you can only listen to this show live; 7:30-9:30 pm US Central Time [01:30-03:30 UT (GMT), 05 March, 2007].

Listen on air at 90.3 FM Minneapolis, 106.7 St. Paul

or on the 'Net at

During the show you can call me on KFAI's studio line 612-341-0980.

Aao, Aao, AaoTee-MSpecial CD
MausamJoshPersonal Compilation
Hazaron khwahishen aisiJagjit SinghKalaam, Mirza Ghalib
Chuke chupke raat dinGhulam AliBest of Best Ghazals, vol. 2
Karoon na yaad magarNajma AkhtarQareeb
Zindagi shart haiTina SaniTeri Yaad
Yeh hum naheenArtists' CollectivePersonal Compilation
AnthemDNAPersonal Compilation
Ka ga jaZaaviaPersonal Compilation
RabbaNajam SherazMainu Teray Naal
G.T. RoadAbrar-ul HaqMein Gaddi Aap Chalawan Ga
Tere sar te chunni kaliShazia ManzoorChan Makhna
Piya re, piya reNusrat Fateh Ali KhanSalaam
Piya re, piya reKailash KherPersonal Compilation
PiyaFariha PervaizPiya
Thinking about James BrownTee-MSpecial CD
RaptureNadia AliPersonal Compilation
Let's dance David BowieAsian Vibes, CD-2, Soul
Mundian to bach ke Punjabi MCAsian Vibes, CD-1, Body
Mundian to bach keBohemiaPersonal Compilation
Nitin Sawhney Exclusive MixNitin SawhneyAll Mixed Up CD-2

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Protest Music

Several South Asian bands and artists have put out music that protests social and political injustice. Almost the entire output of bands such as the Asian Dub Foundation or Fun-Da-Mental is comprised of this type of music. Additionally, individual artists such as Karsh Kale and Haroon have put out songs that are critical of the ills in society. Ghazal singers have also recorded similar pieces, notable Iqbal Bano's rendering of Faiz Ahmad Faiz's "Hum daikhain gey".

I'd like to build a list of protest music from South Asia and the South Asian diaspora. If you know of this type of music, please post a comment. If you can supply full discographic information, that would be great.

Thanks for your help.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Brook is back

Brook Martinez of the Brooklyn Qawwali Party (originally Brook’s Qawwali Party) is back with the band and they will be performing this Saturday (Feb 17) at Barbes in Brooklyn. An announcement about the event and BQP happenings is given below.

"Yeh jo halka halka suroor hai" is a really nice piece. Maybe I’ll play the version by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on my next Sangam program on March 05, 2007. Tune in for that show ( I’ll post the playlist when we get closer to the show date.


Brooklyn Qawwali Party will be celebrating Brooklyn, Qawwali, and the Party this Saturday night (2/17) at Barbes( at 9 pm (two sets). We've got two new songs to present from our Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan transcription archives: Yeh Jo Halka Halka and Sochan Dongian. Don't miss it!

The Party will include -
Jesse Neuman - trumpet
Loren Stillman - alto saxophone
Ryan Keberle - trombone
Michael Gamble - guitar
Michael Bellar - harmonium
Noah Jarrett - bass
Brook Martinez - percussion
Liam Hurley - percussion
Shawn Trail - percussion
Conor Elmes - percussion
Special Guest Vocalist - Samita Sinha

Hope to see you there!

Brook (Yes, I'm back in the party)

Don't miss these upcoming events:
Wednesday, February 21st, 2007Soundcheck---LIVE on wnyc (NPR) radio! - - 2 pm
Check us out at 93.9, or
also: itunes--->radio--->public--->WNYC

Saturday, February 24th, 2007, Joe's Pub - CD RELEASE PARTY!
BQP is thrilled to be releasing their debut, self-titled compact disc at Joe's Pub!
Please come out and see us and pick up a disc!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Shazia Manzoor song

Here is a song by Shazia Manzoor. What do you think of the amazingly energetic dancer? (She is not Shazia, btw). I don't think I would be able to keep up that pace for more than a couple of minutes, let alone six.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Sangam Playlist for Monday, 05 February, 2007

This is the tentative playlist for my Sangam program on Monday, 05 February, 2007.

You can listen to the program live at from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm US Central Standard Time (01:30-3:30 UT).

It will be broadcast on the air at KFAI 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul.

The playlist includes the piece 136 by the Midival Punditz that I mentioned in my last post. Also check out the video for Haroon's song Yara; it plays out an interesting story.

Track TitleArtistAlbumTrack No.
Mere dil ki hai awazMasood RanaBest of the Best Massod Rana2
Bhooli huwi hoon dastanMalaBest of Mala1
Dil hi to haiJagjit SinghKalam: Mirza Ghalib9
Kaise guzar gaee hai jawaniUstan Amanat AliRaag Se Ghazal Tak6
Piya baaj pyalaMalika PukhrajMother and Daughter10
Dil laga ya thaNajma AkhtarQareeb3
Aashiqi dil lagi nahin hotiAziz MianAashiqi Dil Lagi Nahin Hoti2
Balay Balay ni toreFarida KhanumFarida Khanum: The Golden Collection3
Punjabi touchAbrar-ul HaqAsan Jana Mal-o-Mal2
Lako WadeyaAchanakWhat is Bhangra8
Bar bar dekhoSaleem JawedA Tribute to Muhammad Rafi8
YaraHaroonHaroon Ki Awaz2
PentagonalMeekal HasanSquare One2
EquationEqual 1Anokha-Soundz of the Asian Underground9
CaptiveNajma AkhtarVivid1
Bulla ki janaRabbi ShergillBulla Ki Jana1
Kithe Meher AliAbida ParveenAbida Parveen Sings Songs of the Mystics, vol. 28
Meher Ali (Bollywood Burning Remix)Ustad Sultan Khan & Radar OneRare Elements8
136Midival PunditzMidival Times4
Ram BalramUrsula 1000Bombay 2: Electric Vindaloo1

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Another City Ride

Continuing to ride through cities, let's try Delhi this time. The accompanying music is by the Midival Punditz (136 from their album Midival Times) and the singing is by Vishal Vaid.

Unfortunately the sound level on this video is so low that you will have to max out the volume controls on both the player and your computer and even then I would suggest using headphones.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Night Ride

Enjoy a rickshaw ride through Karachi at night.

Thanks to Turab for posting the link.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sat. 27 January, 2007, TEE-M's "UNsigned" # 28 on WPMD

Received the email below from Tee-M


TEE-M's "UNsigned Music Show"on WPMD's "Rock 50" w/Mike Stark. A genre busting show, where the UNsigned Revolution is on...

Sat. Jan 27th11am to 1pm (pacific)

Net-Live on goin' worldwide...

Show replays 3 times daily 7am, 3pm, 11pm (pst)

On the alternative stream

11am-12noon: Mike and TEE-M spin cd cuts from cutting edge indie artists and bands.

12noon-1pm: Live acoustic performances plus more recorded tracks.

Live Performance By:MONA FOR NOW


TEE-M-BUZZ-O-RAMA:Read TEE-M's interview with DJ LUSH of ROCKWIRED

TEE-M's "Aao Aao Aao" video ON YOUTUBE is seeing a big surge in views. You can watch it 24/7. Please pass and share the halwa with everyone around the globe.

ROCK & RAP GOES INTERNET FREE...A publication that I've been subscribing for the longest time is now free.Rock & Rap Confidential, the only publicationever recommended by Rage Against The Machineis now free of charge via email. To subscribe just send the email address you wish to receive it at to The debut email issue should be out soon. Let them know that TEE-Mrecommended that to you."The best thing to hit my mailbox"---Cameron Crowe"This is what we need, more of this"---Joe Strummer


WHAT SOUNDED LIKE A SHOT, WAS A SHOT! A few weeks back on a sunny Southern California day,while driving on a fairly busy Fairfax Ave on the wayto Hollywood, I heard what sounded like a gun shot hitting my car, my immediate reaction was to duck, which I did, looked around and kept going, thinking that maybe somebody threw a rock or something. After about a couple of hours when I got back into the car and looked right to make a turn, my back window was all shattered, I stopped, checked it out, and there it was...a real gun shot had done it's damage.Cheerios! from the entertainment Capital of the world!!

_______ __________ __________ __________


Also at CDBaby for cds.

Also in Karachi at: CAFE BARBERA

6th Zamzama Ln (Next to Copper Kettle). V-sel Music19-c Stadium Ln, Khada Market.

TEE-M (Tariq) Santa Monica, CA

Sangam Playlist, 22 January, 2007

Track Title, Artist, Album, Track No.

Aai mausam rangele, Zubaida Khanum, Best of Zubaida Khanum, 2
Bhooli huwi hoon dastan, Ahmed Rushdi, Yaaden, 1
Tujh jaisa daghabaz, Roona Laila, Best of Roona Laila, 8
Jhoom barabar jhoom, Munni Begum, Best of Best of Ghazals, vol. 2, 6
Ulfat ki nai manzil ko, Iqbal Bano, An Evening with Iqbal Bano, vol. 1, 3
Honton pe kabhi, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, Best of Best of Ghazals, vol. 2, 5
Bin tere kya hai jeena, Jawad Ahmed, Bol tujhe kya chahiyeh, 11
Dil pukare, Najma Akhtar, Forbidden Kiss, 9
Mujhe ishq hai, Rabi Pirzada, Mujhe Ishq Hai, 1
Buri baat hai, Shehzad Roy, Buri Baat Hai, 4
Aankh main kajal hai, Naghmana Jaffry, Goli Maar De, 5
Chaaye chaaye, Strings, Dhaani, 6
Main Kabhi, Junoon, The Millennium Edition, 3
Aankhon, Junaid, Personal Compilation ,1
Only, Overload, Overload, 1
Behti naar, Rushk, Sawal, 2
Maal gari, Rage, Deewana, 3
Disappeared, Tee-M, Earthiotic, 3
Debris, Asian Dub Foundation, Rough Guide to the Asian Underground, 9
Tu kareemi, Brooklyn Qawwali Party, Personal Compilation, 2
Devotional, Tabla Beat Science, Tala Matrix, 6

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Aziz Mian Sings Qawwali -Teri Surat Nigahon

Aziz Mian Sings the popular Qawwali 'Teri Surat' Live. An English translation of the lyrics appears on screen.

Karsh Kale music videos

Here are a couple of video clips featuring Karsh Kale. You may recall my playing some of his music on Sangam.

GK2 is a sort of sci-fi/fantasy music video.

Epic Live Video (Blue) features Kale with his band, Realize, and Vishal Vaid doing the vocals.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

BQP plays Manhattan/Brooklyn Jan 18/19, 2007

Jesse Neuman of the Brooklyn Qawwali Party emailied me to say that they play a Manhattan/Brooklyn double header this week. Details below:


THURSDAY jan 18th@ Makor ..........9pm

(35 W 67th St, near 1/9, Broadway)$15 adv/$18 day of for the WHOLE NIGHT!
---doors open at 8 for GlobeSonic Entertainment's "Tribute to NusratFateh Ali Khan." Also performing, Vishal Vaid (singer with KarshKale) and Globesonic Sound System (DJ trio).


FRIDAY jan 19th@ Zebulon..............10pm

(258 Wythe in Williamsburg---take L to Bedford, walk back towardsmanhattan on N. 6th and turn left onto Wythe)free!!!


BQP is comprised of:
tony barba_tenor/jesse neuman_trumpet/loren stillman_alto/ryankeberle_trombone/rob jost_french horn/michael bellar/harmonium/mikegamble_guitar/noah jarrett_bass/conor elmes_drumset/shawntrail_percussion/sunny jain_percussion/samita sinha_vocals

Vishal Vaid is a fantastic singer. He has a rich and mellow voice, modulates it beautifully, and his singing is very soulful.

Go listen to BQP and Vishal Vaid if you can. The latter can also be heard on many tracks he has recorded with Karsh Kale.

Jesse also include a link to a 2-minute Globesonic infomercial that is quite interesting. Here it is:

I had a look at that clip and at the end up popped some links to qawwali recordings on YouTube posted by various people (maybe this was an outcome of the upgrade that YouTube did to their site). I cruised through those and found that there are a ton of qawwali and song clips on YouTube. Many are of poor video quality and seem to have been recorded of the air from Pakistan Television broadcasts. Does anyone wonder what sort of copyright violations are taking place in uploading these clips? There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. For viewers it is great to have this stuff available and it promotes both the arts and the artists, which is a valuable service. Many people who would not have otherwise heard of these musicians will now be aware of them. I hope that results in people buying CDs put out by these artists and thus return some benefit to the performers. If so, the intent of copyright regulations would have been preserved even if the letter has been violated.

Friday, January 12, 2007

More Little Mosque

The Guardian has a post about Little Mosque on the Prairie on its news blog. It also has a link to a full video of one of the episodes provided courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Enjoy.

Tee-M's Music

I have played several pieces by Tee-M on Sangam from his CD Earthiotic. I contacted Tee-M after hearing about him from a friend and he kindly sent me a copy of his CD. One of the pieces that I played on the air is titled Aao, Aao, Aao and can also be viewed as a video here.

Tee-M has been featured in a short film, “The ultimate Song”, which also includes Springsteen, Ice T, and other artists. He also co-hosts “Tee-M’s Unsigned Music Show” on WPMD. You can listen to that show here.

Little Mosque on the Prairie?

It looks as if Canadians are forging ahead with their multiculturalism. Shabana mentions the launch of a new sitcom on Canadian Television (CBC) centered around a community of Muslims living in a small town. Way to go Canada!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Urdu Talk Radio

A group of young Pakistanis have started a talk radio show on a Chicago radiostation (1590 AM). The show is also available as a live audiostream on the 'Net. Archived programs can be downloaded as MP3 files. The website of this collective known as the Asian Broadcasting Network is available here:

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Miss(es) Pakistan

There seems to a little ripple of excitement in the Pakistani blogosphere about Mariyah Moten, Miss Pakistan 2006 or rather Miss Bikini Pakistan 2006 - since Sehr Mahmood seems to be Miss Pakistan World 2006.

Apparently Mariyah’s appearance in a bikini is what is causing the micro-controversy. I am not exactly sure why since Naomi Zaman, Miss Pakistan Earth 2005, has also appeared in a bikini. Perhaps I missed that round of fulmination. Separately, Neelam Noorani was removed from a beauty pageant in Tokyo upon the objection of Pakistani officials.

Get over it already, folks! These women can make their own decisions about whether and how to participate in beauty pageants.

For those who are interested in participating in the Miss Pakistan 2007 competition, you can apply to the organizers, Miss Pakistan Canada, Inc.

Sliding (Conflicting?) Standards?

PakManzil presents a lot of videos and music-related information and I visited it today to see what was new. They have a clip from a Pakistani drama and an accompanying note essentially bemoaning the slide in "decency" in those dramas. It turns out that the clip shows a couple and the man embraces the woman from behind and kisses her neck. This seems to be what is generating the shock (it should be awe instead, (-: ) . Viewers' comments seemed to deprecate this behavior as well.

Interestingly, the same site also has clip of a dance performance by girls at what appears to be a school show. The descriptor for that clip seems to be rather appreciative as are many of the comments left about it.

After watching both clips I am not clear as to why the behavior in the drama is viewed so distressingly while the dancing seems to be more acceptable. Is physical contact between a man and a woman considered more lewd than provocative movements by dancers? Is that because the dancers are all of one gender (or, as a separate case, all female), or that no deliberate touching is involved? Does the age of the protagonists make a difference (adolescent girls vs. an adult man and woman)? Or is it the age of the commentators (mostly young adults, I suspect)? Or are adults in Pakistan expected to behave in a sexless fashion in their normal lives (the dramas are closer to daily life than are Lollywood movies)? Or could it be that for Pakistanis watching a drama in the company of their families and seeing people like themselves touch each other in a loving fashion is so disconsonant with usually observed behavior in Pakistani society, that the viewing becomes profoundly uncomfortable? Would Indians react the same way? Which Indians? How is it that both Pakistanis and Indians watch Bollywood movies, frequently with all family members sitting together, and no one seems to become uncomfortable?

You can watch the video clips at the links below and then please enlighten me as to why these clips drew the reactions that they did. Thanks.

Kissing drama clip:

Dancing girls clip:

Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Beloved Najma

Another piece on Monday's Sangam show is by Najma Akhtar, "Dil Jalane Ki Baat Karte Ho", from her allbum Pukar. She sings it in the qawwali style and listen for the traces of Nusrat Fateh Ali and the Sabri Borthers. She uses signature elements of their styles and incorporate those beautifully into this piece.

Najma is one of my favorite singers. She has released five CDs so far: Qareeb, Aaatish, Pukar, Vivid, and Forbidden Kiss (a tribute to S.D. Burman made in collaboration with American and European musicians). Najma is highly versatile, singing in both Urdu and English, and in classical as well as pop styles. She has also sung modern opera and "experimental" music. Her diction is clear and on ghazals and other Urdu pieces she beautifully modulates her voice in the traditional style. The album Vivid consists mostly of songs in English or a mix of English and Urdu. Both the singing and music on that album are distinctive; I liked it very much. I was sitting in Chipotle one day and heard these very familiar strains in the background music that plays in those stores. It took me a second to realize that it was Najma's piece "Miskatonic" from Vivid that was being piped through the system. That is certainly commercial success of one kind. (-: But Najma is superb; I recommend her albums to you.

Brooklyn Qawwali Party

One of the qawwali pieces that I will play on Monday's Sangam show is by the Brooklyn Qawwali Party (formerly known as Brook's Qawwali Party). I came across them on the All Things Pakistan blog. There is an interesting discussion there about their music. Some of the people have commented that BQP's sound is like a shaadi-vala band.

BQP is essentially a group of jazz musicians who have been influenced by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's music and are producing music that combines elements of jazz and qawwali. I love their sound. They haven't released a CD yet but I contacted them and Jesse Neuman generously sent me a couple of tracks, one of which I'll play on Monday and the second one on another show. BQP performs around the New York area and would probably be willing to travel if invited. You can read more about them here: