Sunday, January 7, 2007

Miss(es) Pakistan

There seems to a little ripple of excitement in the Pakistani blogosphere about Mariyah Moten, Miss Pakistan 2006 or rather Miss Bikini Pakistan 2006 - since Sehr Mahmood seems to be Miss Pakistan World 2006.

Apparently Mariyah’s appearance in a bikini is what is causing the micro-controversy. I am not exactly sure why since Naomi Zaman, Miss Pakistan Earth 2005, has also appeared in a bikini. Perhaps I missed that round of fulmination. Separately, Neelam Noorani was removed from a beauty pageant in Tokyo upon the objection of Pakistani officials.

Get over it already, folks! These women can make their own decisions about whether and how to participate in beauty pageants.

For those who are interested in participating in the Miss Pakistan 2007 competition, you can apply to the organizers, Miss Pakistan Canada, Inc.

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