Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sat. 27 January, 2007, TEE-M's "UNsigned" # 28 on WPMD

Received the email below from Tee-M


TEE-M's "UNsigned Music Show"on WPMD's "Rock 50" w/Mike Stark. A genre busting show, where the UNsigned Revolution is on...

Sat. Jan 27th11am to 1pm (pacific)

Net-Live onhttp://www.wpmd.org goin' worldwide...

Show replays 3 times daily 7am, 3pm, 11pm (pst)

On the alternative stream http://www.wpmd.org/unsigned

11am-12noon: Mike and TEE-M spin cd cuts from cutting edge indie artists and bands.

12noon-1pm: Live acoustic performances plus more recorded tracks.

Live Performance By:MONA FOR NOW http://www.monafornow.com

MORAGA http://www.vicmoraga.com

TEE-M-BUZZ-O-RAMA:Read TEE-M's interview with DJ LUSH of ROCKWIRED http://rockwired.com/earthiotic.html

TEE-M's "Aao Aao Aao" video ON YOUTUBE is seeing a big surge in views. You can watch it 24/7. Please pass and share the halwa with everyone around the globe. http://youtube.com/watch?v=0gpDCfeLkQ4

ROCK & RAP GOES INTERNET FREE...A publication that I've been subscribing for the longest time is now free.Rock & Rap Confidential, the only publicationever recommended by Rage Against The Machineis now free of charge via email. To subscribe just send the email address you wish to receive it at to rockrap@aol.com The debut email issue should be out soon. Let them know that TEE-Mrecommended that to you."The best thing to hit my mailbox"---Cameron Crowe"This is what we need, more of this"---Joe Strummer


WHAT SOUNDED LIKE A SHOT, WAS A SHOT! A few weeks back on a sunny Southern California day,while driving on a fairly busy Fairfax Ave on the wayto Hollywood, I heard what sounded like a gun shot hitting my car, my immediate reaction was to duck, which I did, looked around and kept going, thinking that maybe somebody threw a rock or something. After about a couple of hours when I got back into the car and looked right to make a turn, my back window was all shattered, I stopped, checked it out, and there it was...a real gun shot had done it's damage.Cheerios! from the entertainment Capital of the world!!

_______ __________ __________ __________

EARTHIOTIC...IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOADS AT EMUSIC from anywhere on the globe. http://www.emusic.com/album/10923/10923557.html?fref=700329http://itunes.com

Also at CDBaby for cds.http://www.cdbaby.com/teem

Also in Karachi at: CAFE BARBERA

6th Zamzama Ln (Next to Copper Kettle). V-sel Music19-c Stadium Ln, Khada Market.

TEE-M (Tariq) Santa Monica, CA http://www.tee-m.com

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