Sunday, March 18, 2007

Desi Radiostations on the 'Net

I have been looking for desi music on the ‘Net and found some radio streams. They are listed below. These are commercial stations so you will hear advertisements as well – sorry!

Hardly any of these stations offer audio archives so you are limited to the live audiostream. Sunrise Radio AM does offer an archive with a week’s span.

So don’t forget to listen to Sangam and other fine programs on KFAI ( – commercial free and with audio archives (2-week span) categorized by program. The archives will be available again beginning in April.

Different stations use different players. You have to have one of the following (freely downloaded) players: WinAmp, Real Player, or Windows Media Player. WinAmp will generally play most stations but don’t be surprised if you end up needing all three.

Mast FM103

Offers four channels:

FM100 Pakistan

Offers three channels:


Out of Karachi; plays quite a lot of English/Western music.

Radioactive 96 FM

This is also out of Karachi and may play mostly Western music. I haven’t listened to it enough to figure out the station’s format.

BBC Asian Network (UK)

Radio TeenTaal (Paris)

Sunrise Radio AM (UK)

Sunrise Radio FM (UK)

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