Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nadia Ali - Sensational

Entrancing! I came across Nadia Ali’s singing recently and was delighted. She writes her own songs and sings beautifully. Her voice has a slight throatiness which is a pleasure to listen to and her modulation is expressive.

Nadia Ali was born in Libya to Pakistani parents and grew up in Queens, NY. She sings mostly in English but also in Urdu (with clear diction and without a Western accent). Listen to her interview (about 9 minutes long) conducted by Imran Siddiqui for the Voice of America. Towards the end of the interview segment (approximately 2 minutes before the end) Nadia makes some interesting remarks about her identity as a Pakistani woman getting into the Western music scene.

On my last Sangam program I had intended to play her song ‘Rapture’ but miscued the CD and played ‘Fasley’ instead, which is also a beautiful song. So listen for ‘Rapture’ next time (on April 02); it is a big hit. Nadia recorded this song with the band ‘Iio’ (the name derived from Sony’s Vaio computer which she used for writing). Now she is working on developing herself as a solo artist. Best wishes, Nadia!

Here is Nadia Ali performing ‘Who is Watching’. Enjoy.

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