Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tee-M on CityFM89

I had posted a list of desi radiostations a few days ago and also mentioned some days prior to that that Tee-M had left for a tour of Pakistan. Well, as it so happens he will be interviewed on one of the stations that I had listed - CityFM89. Read about it in the note from Tee-M below.


Ladies & Gentlemen...

I'm in the swing of things in Karachi now. "YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOUR" of Pakistan has started and here's what's happening: LIVE ON CITYFM89's "Breakfast Show" with Sohail Hashmi, Tuesday March 27th '07, 8:20 am Pakistan time, 8:20pm (on Monday, March 26) L.A. (Pacific Time). Rest of the world, please figure out your local time.The show goes all over Pakistan on the radio dial but in the rest of the world u can log onto We'll be playing tracks from EARTHIOTIC... andI'll be taking my guitar for some live acoustic songs. We'll also debut the Aao Aao Aao dance remix by GeoffTyson...The call-in # (in Pakistan) at FM89 is 111-089-089, the lines will be open, so let's chitter, chatter and request in your favorite song from EARTHIOTIC...

As a lot of you in Pakistan know that after 3 yearsand over 800 episodes of the Breakfast Show on CityFM89 Sohail Hashmi will be leaving the station at the end of this month. My sincere thanks to him for his appreciation and support of TEE-M music ever since I was on his show for the first time back in Jan of '06. I had a great time with Sohail and Wes Malik then and hope to rock n roll with him come Tuesday Mar 27th, so everybody please log and tune in!

TEE-M BEST MALE ARTIST: Yes! ROCKWIRED out of Los Angeles has nominatedTEE-M in the "Best Male Artist" category. Please let them know how much u agree with their thinking and cast your vote and feelings at:

Cherrios for now...TEE-M (Tariq)

Watch Aao Aao Aao video on YouTube: A and O level students in Lahore are putting it on their phones and iPods. I say rock n roll Lahore...


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