Thursday, April 12, 2007

Asad Amanat Ali Passes Away

Asad Amanat Ali died of heart failure in London earlier this week; he was 55 years old. He had gone to London for treatment of his heart condition after suffering a heart attack two weeks earlier in Lahore. His body was flown to Lahore where the namaz-e-janazaa was held at his home in Karim Park on Ravi Road The burial took place in the Mominpura graveyard.

Asad Amanat Ali, a classical musician of the Patiala gharana, was the son of the late Ustad Amanat Ali Khan and the elder brother of Shafqat Amanat Ali – lead singer for the band Fuzon.
Asad Amanat Ali belonged to a family of several generations of musicians. His great-grandfather Ali Bux Khan started the Patiala gharana and his grandfather Akhtar Hussain was also a prominent musician. His father and uncle, Amanat Ali Khan and Fateh Ali Khan were renowned musicians and used to perform together. The duo performances were sadly ended by Amanat Ali’s demise in 1974. Asad Amanat Ali himself also performed in partnership with his other uncle Hamid Ali Khan.

Asad Amanat Ali had received the President’s award for Pride for Performance just a couple of weeks before his death.

I have played pieces by Asad Amanat Ali on my Sangam programs and will do so again on my next show on April 30th. One of his songs “Diyar-e-yaar gaya” which I played on the show last year has deep emotional significance for me. I find it heartbreaking to listen to that piece and don’t feel that I could play it again any time soon but I’ll play some of Asad Amanat Ali’s other music. May he rest in peace.

Listen to Asad Amanat Ali perform a classical music piece, taan and tarana in malkauns, here.

And a recording from his younger days, a ghazal: “Kal chaudhveen ki raat thi”.

Here Asad talks a little bit about his musical heritage before performing “Piyaar nahin hey sur sey jis ko”.

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