Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Music in The Namesake

I had mentioned in an earlier post and on my Sangam program that Nitin Sawhney composed the music for "The Namesake". Well, I went to the theatre this evening and saw that movie. I must say that the music did not live up to my expectations.

It was all right but not as good as I was expecting from Sawhney. In part, my disappointment is a consequence of his recycling of existing pieces. I recognized three previously published tracks, one of which is not even his own! That piece is Flight IC 408 by the State of Bengal. The two other pieces are Sawhney compositions. One is, I think, Falling and I can't place the name of the other one (I'd have to listen to the soundtrack again) but I have definitely heard both pieces before. I wouldn't be surprised if the song by the boatman in the scene about scattering ashes in the Ganges is an earlier composition too - it sounded a bit like a segment from The Immigrant but I could be wrong.

Oh, well. The man does produce terrific music, don't know if the film had a limited budget which precluded original composition.


Anonymous said...

he only wrote 26 minutes of the 56 minutes in this film.

Anonymous said...

sorry 26 minutes of the 56 minutes of the soundtrack. The director wanted to use music that she knew elsewhere as well.