Monday, October 22, 2007

Musicians not Governments to the Aid

While the response of Muslims countries to the miserable situation in Darfur has been lukewarm or non-existent (a situation that has elicited criticism from both non-Muslims and Muslims) at least some in the Muslim community are taking publicly visible measure to raise awareness and aid for the region.

A charity concert to benefit Darfur, categorized as the Muslim Live8, was organized at the Wembley Arena in the UK and drew about 10,000 Muslims. A good time appears to have been had by all and at least $60,000 were raised in five minutes according to a report by Riazat Butt of Islamophonic fame. Riazat also provides brief notes about some of the musicians. I have sampled the music of three of the five she mentions. Of these three, I incline towards the music of Outlandish which has a little edge to to it.

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