Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sangam, 2009 Independence Day edition


Below is the draft playlist for the show this Saturday, August 15.

As you know August 15 is India's independence day and August 14 is Pakistan's independence day. In honor of these occasions I'll play the anthems of these countries and some qaumi taranas or national songs (or rather more aptly - nationalistic songs). Aurnagzeb is bringing a few of these as well, to share.

You can listen to Sangam's live audiostream here: from 5:00-7:00 pm Central Time (22:00-24:00 UTC). Or tune in to 90.3 FM in Minneapolis and 106.7 FM in St. Paul

The archived audiostream will be available for two weeks after 7:00 pm US Central Time (24:00 UTC), 15 August, here:

I will be on the air next on August 22.


[Playlist edited; two songs not played were removed. 22 August, 2009.]

Track Title Artist Album Track No.

Gham-e dil sunaney ko Mehnaz Umrao Jan Ada 1
Classico Najma Akhtar Vivid 11
Masty Ali Zafar Masty 1
Jogi Rage Deewana 8

Sagar Salman Ahmed Infiniti 10
Chamki kiran Raga Boyz Yeh Jaan Lo 9
Aao, aao, aao Tee-M Earthiotic 7
Hur lehza hai momin ki Manzoor Niazi Qavval Kalaam-e Iqbal, Qavvali 4
Indian National Anthem
Anthems+ 8
Pakistani National Anthem
Anthems+ 4
Sohni dharti Shehnaz Begum Queen of Bangladesh , vol. 1 4
Ae watan pak watan
Hum Sab Ka Pakistan 1
Yeah watan tumhara hai

Hum Sab Ka Pakistan 4

Mera Paigham Pakistan 2
Des mera
Collage 12
Our land Junoon Talaash 12
Nai thakda Sajjad Ali Chahar Balish 6
Seek and destroy Black Warrant 20090205 Compilation 13
Zameen OD2 Anthems+ 7
Mojon may Evolution Shake Your Body 5
Anthem DNA Anthems+ 6
Jazba-e junoon Junoon Azaadi 15

National Anthem Black Warrant 20090205 Compilation


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