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Hanif Kureishi and Daniel Day-Lewis

Her's an interesting film tidbit.

Daniel Day-Lewis (actor, "Lincoln", likely Academy Award nominations this year) and Hanif Kureishi (writer, "The Buddha of Suburbia", Whitbread Prize) got their start together.

"In 1985 My Beautiful Laundrette launched Kureishi and its star Daniel Day-Lewis into film, and won Kureishi an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay." (2008 interview below)

A recent (2012) interview with Kureishi is given here:

In this interview Kureishi talks a little bit about his visit to Karachi. One of his latest short stories "The Door is Shut" starts in Karachi.
“I remembered being in Karachi in the Eighties and the liberalism my family lived under then was much under threat,” he says. “Now it’s completely gone. There are no Jews, Christians or Hindus. There are no Chinese restaurants. It has a terrible dead fascist atmosphere."

Read a 2008 interview with Hanif Kureishi at the link below:

Note also this quote from Kureishi from this same interview:
"Art's got to feel dangerous to you and to other people; that's when it's working."

Some of Kureishi's books are:

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